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My Sunday “To Be” List

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My Sunday “To Be” List


I want “to be” the Guinness World Record holder for scaling the most buildings in a single bound.

I want “to be” a loving and loyal friend.

I want “to be” appreciated for my intelligence, and not just my body.

I want “to be” someone who uses my power for good and never evil.

I want “to be” appreciative always of those who choose a life of service.

I want “to be” my daughter’s best friend forever.

I want “to be” known as the greatest author of all times.


Brian Baumgartner is an actor who played Kevin Malone on NBC’s The Office. He is an Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and Webby Award winner, and host of the podcasts An Oral History of “The Office” and “The Office” Deep Dive with Brian Baumgartner. His new book WELCOME TO DUNDER MIFFLIN: The Ultimate Oral History of The Office is out now!

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