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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List


I want “to be” someone who shares and embodies love.

I want “to be” grounded like a tree even when in the middle of a storm.

I want “to be” able to know how to say no and stick to boundaries.

I want “to be” open to learning and listening without defensiveness.

I want “to be” a better listener… period!

I want “to be” more organized and responsible, as well as keeping my spontaneous free spirit.

I want “to be” thriving not surviving.

I want “to be” savoring the moments of the day rather than going through the motions (even in Covid time…!).

I want “to be” someone who always remembers to believe and trust in the bigger plan.


Jenna Dewan is an actress, dancer, producer, designer, and mother, as well as the author the book Gracefully You: Finding the Beauty and Balance in the Everyday.

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