My Sunday ‘To Be’ List

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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List


I want to speak and act from a place of honesty and authenticity even when it feels uncomfortable, vulnerable or hard.

I want to work everyday to dismantle racism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and prejudice within myself so that I may call it out when I see it in the world around me.

I want “to be” a mother that my son can depend on, feel safe, feel nurtured, feel supported to become his true authentic self.

I want “to be” fearless in my creativity.

I want to hold my loved ones close, and never take them for granted.

I want to honor Mother Earth, and everything she provides for us and in return work hard to protect her.


Born and raised in London, England, Mickey Sumner is an actress, mother, and sustainability advocate. She currently stars in the hit series Snowpiercer on TNT,  which will have its season 2 finale on March 29.

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