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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List


I want to be more grateful to God than ever.

I want to be passionately in love with my wife.

I want to be in strong relationships with my grandkids.

I want to be a source for a higher level of unity and hope to our nation.

I want to be fluent in Spanish.

I want to be a 6:30-minute mile runner.


Miles McPherson is the pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, former defensive back for the San Diego Chargers, author of the esteemed book, The Third Option, and creator of the groundbreaking “The Third Option: Similarity Training” curriculum. Set to release this July, the training curriculum seeks to replace the prevalent, archaic diversity training programs in police academies, business and organizations across the globe. A unifier who aims to make the hope of the gospel real and relevant, McPherson is also the founder of Keep up with Miles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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