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Sunday Love: Cheers to Brooke Shields, Who Opened Up About Feeling Sexier Than Ever at Age 56

For most of us, learning to love our bodies is a process—one it’s easy to think that a gorgeous actor and supermodel like Brooke Shields gets to skip. Yet this week, Brooke opened up about how she’s also had to learn how to love herself and feel good in her body—and why that didn’t happen until her 40s and beyond. 

The acceptance of our bodies comes at a later date,” Brooke told Yahoo! Life. “I live much more in my body now than I ever did. My body actually feels like it belongs to me. And I can’t say that about my youth.” That’s not to say that learning how to love herself has been easy. “Society doesn’t make it easy for us,” said Brooke. “And then you’ve got social media, which doesn’t make it easy.” However, watching Brooke talk about this incredibly important topic with candor and grace has left us inspired to show ourselves a little more love right now. 

To watch the interview with Brooke Shields, click here.

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