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The Sunday Paper #OnceADay Service Challenge

During this challenging time, we’ve heard from so many of you asking how you can help. Today, we’re launching The Sunday Paper #OnceADay service challenge to officially mobilize our community and the citizens’s brigade at large.

We hope that by participating in the #OnceADay challenge you’ll feel empowered and inspired to do something “once-a-day” for someone else. As Maria says, it doesn’t need to be something big or expensive. Simply checking in on someone living alone, dropping off food for first responders, or making a mask for someone makes all the difference.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

*Support small business Hedley & Bennett by buying a mask. When you buy one mask, they also donate another mask to those working on the frontlines.

*Donate to Direct Relief, which is working to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for our most vulnerable, delivering protective masks – along with exam gloves, isolations gowns, and other protective gear to healthcare organizations across the country.

*Donate blood if you’re able to safely get to a donation center. Learn more here.

*For more volunteer opportunities and ideas visit and type in your zip code and area of interest to support others in need, even from home.

And don’t forget, we want to hear from you! Tag @TheSundayPaper on Instagram with #OnceADay and show us your acts of service. We’ll repost them and share them on our accounts. Together, we can make a difference. All it takes is Once-A-Day!