What ‘Faith’ Means to Me: A Diverse List

Faith, to me, means the white, Southern Baptist church where I first heard about Jesus and lifted my hand with fear and trembling in response to the alter call. Faith, to me, means the Korean Presbyterian churches where I grew up and spent Sunday after Sunday, year after year, in the company ...

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Mark Nepo Faith Care

How Faith Is Connected to Care

During my odyssey with cancer, I learned a great many things. One of the most crucial was the almost simultaneous need to inhabit myself while staying connected to others. With each test, office visit, surgery, and treatment, I had to prepare, as best I could, for things no one could ...

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Faith Christine Caine

I Lost My Faith Before I Truly Found It

Sundays were always a highlight for me growing up in Sydney Australia. My mother would pack us all into her station wagon and drive us to the Greek Orthodox church which was the centre of our community life. We would sit through a long service, a liturgy conducted in ancient Greek, not ...

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