Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer's and the People Who Love Them

Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book for Those with Alzheimer’s and the People Who Love Them is an innovative book filled with both information and inspiration. Authored by award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and Alzheimer’s advocate Maria Shriver and developed with insights from caregivers, neurologists, psychologists, and, of course, people with Alzheimer’s, it is written as a resource for caregivers, family, and friends to help forge communication and connection with people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Coloring is a creative outlet, a way to relieve stress, and even a way to connect with other people–all benefits that contribute to overall well-being. Yet, Color Your Mind is more than just a coloring book! Throughout this book are coloring pages, activity suggestions, and prompts for shared reflection and conversation. This book is entirely unique in that it connects coloring with helpful information surrounding well-being, social connection, nutrition, exercise, moving the mind, and sleep–all valuable lessons for a fulfilling, balanced life.

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Ten Things I Wish I'd Known—Before I Went Out into the Real World

Maria’s reflections, confessions, advice, memories, and most of all, hard-earned lessons.

Expanded from Maria’s acclaimed College of the Holy Cross commencement address and written in the voice of a trusted and trusting best friend, Ten Things I Wish I’d KnownBefore I Went Out into the Real World is a pithy, poignant, down-to-earth, and at times laugh-out-loud book that will help people of all ages and on all roads in life.

“I wrote this book so that you might be spared. Not from having to learn the lessons I had to learn. No one can spare you that, because learning is experiential, and you have to do it yourself. As a wise person once told me: If I could spare you the pain you’re experiencing, I wouldn’t–because I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the strength and wisdom you’ll gain from having gone through it and come out the other side.”

“Each and every one of you is a powerful, resilient human being capable of living the life you design for yourself. I wish all of you the faith and the courage to pinpoint your passion.”

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Just Who Will You Be?

A candid, heartfelt, and inspirational book for seekers of all ages.

Inspired by a speech she gave, Maria Shriver’s message is that what you do in your life isn’t what matters. It’s who you are. It’s an important lesson that will appeal to anyone of any age looking for a life of meaning.

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And One More Thing Before You Go...

Graduating from high school is a big step for any girl. She is leaving her childhood behind and beginning the rest of her life. She is also leaving her mother’s protective circle of love and guidance. One of the greatest gifts a mother can give her daughter at this pivotal moment in her life is good counsel. In And One More Thing Before You Go… Maria Shriver, bestselling author, acclaimed journalist, First Lady of California, and mother of two daughters, provides a loving and heartfelt guide for girls as they go off to college.

Expanded from a speech given to her young friend Ally’s graduating class, Maria writes as a wiser, more experienced girlfriend, but also as both the daughter of a mother whose advice she still seeks and as the mother of daughters for whom she wishes a fulfilling and happy life. In this stirring and inspiring guide, Maria talks to young women about how to find abundance and emotional richness, and how not to overlook life’s most special gifts. Her ten rules — told in a witty and poignant anecdotal style — offer a firm grasp on what’s really important in life.

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What's Heaven?

How do you explain death to children? How do you help them understand the loss of a loved one?  Maria Shriver was faced with this dilemma when her grandmother, Rose, died. Her discussions with her oldest daughter, Katherine, who was six at the time, became the inspiration for Shriver’s first book for children, What’s Heaven?  This touching story, beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Sandra Speidel, is an important tool for other parents trying to explain the mystery of death to their children.

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What's Wrong with Timmy?

When Kate meets a boy who seems somehow different, she feels funny inside. After talking with her mom, though, Kate begins to understand that Timmy is just like her in many ways. Timmy has special needs; he takes longer to learn than Kate, and can’t walk or run as well. But he also “loves his family, he wants friends, he goes to school, and he dreams about what he wants to be when he grows up.” Kate and Timmy meet, and the seeds of a friendship are planted. For all those children who ask their parents why someone looks or acts “different,” Maria Shriver’s What’s Wrong with Timmy? provides a base for discussion.

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What's Happening to Grandpa?

Kate has always adored her grandpa’s storytelling—but lately he’s been repeating the same stories again and again. One day he even forgets Kate’s name. Her mother’s patient explanations open Kate’s eyes to what so many of the elderly must confront: Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. With special insight derived from her own father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, Maria Shriver offers a touching and optimistic story that encourages awareness, acceptance, and dialogue among family and friends.

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The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Pushes Back from the Brink

Fifty years after President Lyndon B. Johnson called for a War on Poverty and enlisted Sargent Shriver to oversee it, the most important social issue of our day is once again the dire economic straits of millions of Americans. 1 in 3 Americans today live in poverty or teeter on the brink. 70 million are women and the children who depend on them. The fragile economic status of millions of American women is the shameful secret of the modern era—yet these women are also our greatest hope for change, and our nation’s greatest undervalued asset.

The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink asks—and answers—big questions. Why are millions of women financially vulnerable when others have made such great progress? Why are millions of women struggling to make ends meet even though they are hard at work? What is it about our nation—government, business, family, and even women themselves—that drives women to the financial brink? And what is at stake?

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Alzheimer's in America: The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s in America examines the expected impact of the disease on the nation’s economy and society. As our 78 million baby boomers move into their mid-60s, we must make Alzheimer’s a national issue, a national priority. The report mines conclusions from an enormous and eye-opening national survey, the Alzheimer’s Association Women and Alzheimer’s poll.

Included in the report are searingly honest essays – some by public figures, some by everyday Americans – all sharing personal struggles with the disease as patients, caregivers and family members. We hear from women who actually have early-onset Alzheimer’s, from teen caregivers, and from men performing hands-on care at home for mothers and wives with advanced Alzheimer’s.

Essayists including Barbra Streisand, former First Lady Laura Bush, Patti (Reagan) Davis, football great Terrell Owens, Senator Barbara Mikulski, broadcasters Chris Matthews and Terry Moran and actress Soleil Moon Frye share deeply personal experiences with the disease in their families. And former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Dr. Mehmet Oz and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich talk about how the country is dealing with the Alzheimer’s epidemic, the caregiving crisis, and where we go from here.

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The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything

When we look back over the 20th century and try to understand what’s happened to workers and their families and the challenges they now face, the movement of women out of the home and into paid employment stands out as a unique and powerful transformation. At one level, everything has changed. And yet so much more change is needed. Even though we were all witness to the shift of women becoming equal or primary breadwinners over many years, these changes seem somehow to have snuck up on us. As a result, our policy landscape remains stuck in an idealized past, where the typical family was composed of a married-for-life couple with a full-time breadwinner and full-time homemaker who raised the children herself.

For more than one year, Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress explored this transformation of the way Americans live and work. A transformation difficult to imagine a generation ago when Shriver’s uncle, President John F. Kennedy, created the first Commission on the Status of Women in 1961 and named Eleanor Roosevelt as its chair.

Roosevelt would be pleased – and proud — to know that the footprint of today’s American worker is as likely to be a heel as a boot. And she would likely enthusiastically embrace the effect that sea change has had on America.

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