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University of Michigan Class of 2022 Commencement Address

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Meet MOSH… Our Brain Wellness Company

I created MOSH with my son, Patrick, with a simple mission: we exist to create a conversation about brain health through food, education, research, and providing tools for a “mindstyle” lifestyle.

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I believe in the power of storytelling
to inspire and inform.

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I love to write from my heart and
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I want to publish inspiring authors who use their voices and their life experiences to light a new way forward.


I challenge the belief that there is nothing we can do to prevent, reverse or cure it. Join me in my mission to create a world without Alzheimer’s.

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At Shriver Media, we believe in the Power of Media to do good and create a better world. We tell stories that Inform, Inspire, and Ignite people to build a more Caring, Compassionate, and Collaborative world—one in which we all feel seen, safe, supported, and less alone on our path to what we call “The Open Field”—a place out beyond fear, shame, judgment, and expectation. That is our mission. We are Shriver Media.

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