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10 Ways To Give Back to Architects of Change

If you’ve been inspired by the Architects of Change Maria has interviewed this year, then may we encourage you to consider them when making your charitable giving this holiday season. We’ve certainly met some extraordinary individuals this year who have devoted their lives to moving humanity forward. Here are 10 for you to consider this season:


Help families across the country break the cycle of poverty by donating to GOOD+ Foundation, which provides donations of goods and items to families who need them. Their goal is to keep children safe and healthy while their families get the long-term support needed to build self-sufficiency. GOOD+ Foundation focuses on three areas: investing in early childhood, supporting new mother and engaging fathers. WATCH: Maria interviews GOOD+ founder Jessica Seinfeld

Invest in children by supporting Turnaround Arts, an organization that brings arts education programs and supplies to a group of the lowest performing elementary and middle schools in the country. These resources help improve attendance, parent engagement, student motivation and academic achievement. WATCH: Maria interviews Turnaround Arts artists Frank Gehry and Ledisi

Make a difference in the lives of families transitioning out of homelessness and abuse shelters by donating to Humble Design. The organization’s mission is to rebuild the home lives of families by turning bare walls of a house into a clean, dignified and welcoming home by repurposing gently used household goods and furniture. This allows family members to focus on education, home life, employment and building a better future. WATCH: Maria interviews Humble Design founder Treger Strasberg

Every 66 seconds a new brain develops Alzheimer’s. Two-thirds of them belong to women. You can donate to The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement to help them find the answers to why Alzheimer’s discriminate against women. Support Maria and WAM to change the future for all minds. WATCH: Maria speaks about Alzheimer’s and brain health at The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Women’s Summit


Want our leaders to work together to get things done? The Centrist Project is a grassroots organization rain to reshape and reform our political system. By working with candidates who are unaffiliated and not tied to any political party, they believe they can put the country before party to solve problems. WATCH: Maria interviews the team from The Centrist Project


Do your part to save the world by supporting the Jane Goodall Institute. The conservation organization is committed to advancing the work of Dr. Jane Goodall. By inspiring individuals to conserve they are improving the lives of people, animals and the environment. WATCH: Maria interviews Jane Goodall


Create change in the lives of girls across Liberia by supporting More Than Me, an organization dedicated to providing girls in the western African country with education through the More Than Me Academy. In addition to education, the academy provides healthcare, family planning and tutoring. WATCH: Maria interviews More Than Me founder Katie Meyler


Help Team Rubicon’s disaster relief efforts by making a donation to them. The organization uses the skills and experiences of military veterans paired with first responders to deploy emergency response teams. They are serving communities across the world while giving veterans a purpose, a community, and an identity from recognizing the impact one individual can make. WATCH: Maria interviews Team Rubicon founder Jake Wood



Wildfires continue to devastate Southern California and displace thousands of residents just before the holidays. There are several ways to help! Please consider supporting our firefighters, true Architects of Change, by donating to the Los Angeles Fire Department. To support victims throughout the Southern California, you can make a donation to United Way or Southern California Salvation Army. There are also dozens of personal GoFundMe pages set up for fire victims.


Hurricane victims throughout Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are still in need of relief efforts. By donating to the Red Cross, you can help them provide shelter and food to families. You can support the All Hands organization with rebuilding efforts. To help families in Puerto Rico, many who are still without electricity, you can donate to the Hispanic Federation relief fund.