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3 Steps to Finding and Connecting to Your Inner Voice

When we are looking for the clarity we need in life in order to find the path that is right for us, we can find ourselves on an endless search.

It can be all too loud and overwhelming in a world of voices screaming their advice, their way, their thoughts, their opinions, their fears. We can barely hear ourselves think, much less connect to that deep knowing of our own way, our own beat, our own voice.

With all of this chaos, how can we know which voice is our own? Where is my path? How do I find it? How do I know if it’s right for me? What am I supposed to be doing here? What do I stand for? What do I believe in? What do I value in life? What do I want?!

Before we can come to those answers for ourselves it is important to ask: why do we want to connect to our own voice?

Are we wanting to do what is right for us and those we love?

So we can live and speak our own truth?

To be the most authentic version of ourselves?

So we can make the best decisions that yield the greatest outcome?

We can answer yes to all of the above but when we observe the motive underneath everyone of those reasons, it all comes down to the desire to live a life we enjoy and feel proud of.

We want to find happiness and live a life aligned with all that we are here to be and do and experience. We want to get this “life thing” right.

Now that we have deduced that a strong connection to our own voice leads to our path of enjoyment, of happiness, of fulfillment, of safety, let’s look at what it takes to connect to that voice, to hold on tight, and follow it into happiness.

Step 1. Connect to your voice

How? See your voice as a part of you that holds the map, the instruction manual to your happiest life possible. You were born with it. It knows you inside and out. To connect to that way holder, you must keep your thoughts positive on every topic of your life no matter what. Why? Positive thoughts make you feel good on the inside. Your voice resides on the inside where you feel good. In order to connect to your voice, you have to be able to reach it. You must think yourself into a good feeling, especially on the topics of life you want to change. When you feel good inside, you can follow your “true voice”. When you don’t feel good inside, all you can hear is the loud voice of fear and confusion, which leaves you stuck and asking everyone outside of you for advice.

Step 2. Hold on tight

Here lies the challenge. As we are focusing with our thoughts and creating good feelings about the topics in our lives, knowing what we would enjoy, things will happen in our world that make it seem as if we have taken a wrong turn. If you turn your focus and give these things your attention, by thinking about them and talking about them in a negative way, you will disconnect from your voice and find yourself feeling negative and confused. You will need to return to step one.

P.S. Never make a decision or take action from this place. Always reconnect to your voice by thinking some better feeling thoughts. Once you feel better, happier, more positive, then act on the ideas that come.

Step 3. Follow your voice to happiness.

Remember the key to being with your voice, hearing its instructions on your next steps, and enjoying the happiness it offers you, is your positive thoughts that create the positive feelings. This step may require some courage. The path that belongs to you may look very different to those of your family and friends. Hold tight to what feels good to you and your voice will never lead you astray. You are an original. When you embrace your own voice, that originality can’t help but shine through. The more consistently you stay connected by feeling good inside, the more and more you will get to know your own voice and experience the joy life has in store for you.

Angie Johnsey

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