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3 Steps to Improve the Relationships in Your Family Circle


We all know February is a big month for focusing on our romantic relationships, but what about our other relationships…

our close family relationships..

our connection with our siblings, our kids, our intimate family circle?

This February, I would like for us all to give some thought to our family relationships and how we can bring more love and connection into them. 

Here are 3 small things you can bring into your interactions with your family that will promote love, connection, and support.


What does that mean? Different people have different definitions attached to the word love depending on what action causes them to feel it the most. Your task this month will be to ask them, “what is it that I do that makes you feel the most loved?” Sometimes we assume that we know, but you may find that their answer surprises you.


One of the best ways to create connection with someone in your family, is to prove to them through your reactions, that they are free to be themselves around you. This means, allow them to tell you things, anything, and refrain from judging, criticizing, or offering your opinions or advice. Just listen and love. When you provide them with a safe space to share anything and everything, and they know anything they say or do will always be met with unconditional love and acceptance, your connection will grow deeper than you could ever imagine possible.



Let them know you are there for them to love and support in whatever way they may need. This takes making an effort with your time and your attention. Send a text just to say “hi” and check in. Be available. Be present. Make letting your family know that you are there to support them a priority this month. Reach out. Let them know that their daily lives are important to you. Do small random acts of kindness that show you are there and that you care. 

Embrace those you love this February with unconditional love and acceptance. Provide them a safe space to be free to be themselves. Take the time and make the effort to remind them you are always there for them. It’s never too late to take steps to show love and improve a relationship. 

If you have been distant with someone you love, be brave and reach out. Be mature. Open up. Be vulnerable and explain your reasons for keeping your distance. Explain what you thought or what you felt. You may find that your separation was a big misunderstanding. Find out how they truly feel and what they truly want and if they are not ready to reconnect….Love them anyway.

If you need help with forgiveness and practicing unconditional love for a family member, join me in the TIDY MIND 100 CLUB by visiting to find out more.

This essay was featured in the February 9th edition of The Sunday Paper. The Sunday Paper inspires hearts and minds to rise above the noise. To get The Sunday Paper delivered to your inbox each Sunday morning for free, click here to subscribe.


Angie Johnsey is a Life/Mind Coach from Birmingham, AL. Her articles have been featured in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper as well as the Today Show’s One Small Thing. Angie travels and teaches her techniques for understanding the mind and dealing with emotional suffering at Health and Wellness Retreats around the world. Her most popular technique is the TIDY MIND and has been featured on the Today Show.

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