For the Sins of COVID

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How to Stay Calm and Communicate Clearly

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Becoming a Samurai Sword in 2020

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It’s Wedding Season! Advice on the Big Day From a ‘Bridesman’

Like many things in life, the 'typical wedding day' is evolving especially if you would like to add a modern twist to it. For all the brides-to-be in the world, I must admit we have something in common – we both appreciate the joys of everything and anything wedding!! If you are current...

5 Tools for Changing Your Life on Your Own Terms

Choosing to make a change comes from a place of strength, but keeping that conviction to do so should be supported by the simple fact that change takes time. There are plenty of self-help books and Instagram quotes that encourage us to “make a change” in our lives. The essence of such...

The Girl Who Saved Christmas: A Tale of Forgiveness

It is easy to get lost in the pageantry of Christmas, and to forget the holiday’s deeper meaning—the promise of forgiveness. Each year, I look forward to decorating the tree, hanging the lights, and celebrating with my family.  But the most wonderful Christmas I’ve ever known had none...