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Eco-Minded Couple Develops Regeneratively-Farmed, Biodynamic Baby Food Company

Meghan and Keith Rowe founded White Leaf Provisions following the birth of their son when they quickly became aware of a lack of truly pure and organic foods that were farmed in an eco-minded way. Keith is a professionally trained European chef, and their time living and working in Europe taught them that another approach to food was possible. Experiences with the level of purity and social accountability that comes from European Biodynamic® and regenerative farming practices gave them a passion for promoting regeneratively farmed foods in the States.

White Leaf Provisions is their solution to offer parents the purest baby and toddler food on the market Their product line consists of foods with ingredients that were farmed in ways that heal the planet, to protect the world that their son and our children will soon inherit.



1. What is biodynamic food, how is it different than “organics” and why is it healthier?


Biodynamic farming is the gold standard of organic and regenerative food products and farming. The term ‘organic’ as we understand it today is actually derived from the principles of biodynamic farming that were developed in Europe in 1924. The differences between the two techniques are nuanced but important. Put simply, biodynamic farmers prioritize a close connection with all aspects of their farms to promote the health of the entire system. While organic farming focuses primarily on crop production, a biodynamic farm takes the health and vitality of the whole farm and its surroundings into consideration.

Growing amazing produce is not the only goal for biodynamic farmers, but Biodynamic farmers focus their efforts on revitalizing soil and the surrounding ecosystem to unlock its potential. A certified-biodynamic farm replaces all standard synthetic chemicals with natural compost and herbal sprays, implements natural pest management strategies, takes a hands-on approach to tending to their crops, and draws carbon out of the air by sequestering it into the soil. These farming techniques offer a real solution to reversing climate change, all while producing pure, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

Buying from Demeter-certified biodynamic farms means that the food you receive is 100% organic, GMO-free, safe from all synthetic chemical contamination, and farmed in a way that promotes biodiversity and reverses climate change. What’s not to love?


2. What is regenerative farming and how it is different than other sustainable farming techniques?

The term ‘sustainable’ is used in the context of farming to describe practices that only sustain current systems without degrading them or depleting their resource base. Due to increasing pollution levels and the threat of climate change, we now see that sustainable farming systems may not be enough to protect the planet. In contrast, regenerative farming goes beyond sustainable agriculture by improving the land itself. In other words, regenerative farming practices work to increase biodiversity, restore soil nutrient levels, and improve water retention rates.

An excellent example of a regenerative farming method is using cover crops, or the practice of planting soil-beneficial crops in the offseason to enrich the soil and restore its nutrient levels. Cover crops also draw carbon from the atmosphere and store in the ground.

Many farming techniques follow a regenerative farming model, and biodynamic farming is the best example.


3. Talk about your products and what makes them different than traditional baby foods

We are beyond excited to offer regeneratively farmed foods and snack options to families. Our approach in developing this line of biodynamic baby food was simple; we wanted to provide parents with peace of mind by offering them a food product for their family that is beyond delicious, pure and transparent about the origins of its ingredients, and nutritionally beneficial.

We’ve ensured that the ingredients in every product are gentle on a child’s palette while remaining satisfying enough for the entire family to enjoy. As a bonus, every ingredient we use was farmed in a way that helps to heal the planet. All White Leaf Provisions baby and toddler products are Demeter certified biodynamic, USDA organic, and free of GMOs. They are also Kosher and free from added sweeteners, flavorings and preservatives.

Offering this level of purity and transparency in the food we feed our children is valuable, but we take the commitment further by only working with small biodynamic farmers that produce food in ways that help to heal the planet. We only source ingredients from Demeter-certified biodynamic farms, which means that our suppliers utilize centuries-old farming techniques to bring food to your table.

Our commitment to quality extends to taste. We hand-select different biodynamic apple and pear varietals for our applesauce line, matching sweet notes with tart to make perfectly balanced, smooth sauces. This also eliminates the need for any added sweeteners or flavorings. Our cinnamon sauces go one step further for your health, as we chose to only use organic Ceylon cinnamon, an antioxidant-rich spice with a delicate flavor profile and low levels of coumarin.


4. What Do you plan to offer additional products in the future?

Our biodynamic, organic baby food line is the first of its kind in the United States. We are available nationally online and will soon be launching in retail locations in California. The first blends we will launch include ‘Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pea,’ and our personal favorite, ‘Mango, Carrot, Banana & Pear.’ We plan to expand our biodynamic baby food line later this year by providing two new flavors, and we are in the development process to offer a line of biodynamic quick cooking oats and muesli.


5. Why is purity and transparency so important?

Environmental accountability at every level of the product creation process is important to us. We are actively working with various packaging companies to develop a more earth-friendly pouch option for our products. Until this option can come to fruition, we have patterned with TerraCycle to offer a mail-in recycling program for all of our baby food packaging.

Finally, we want to remind parents to better educate themselves about every aspect of the foods they feed their family. We encourage them to ask more questions regarding the ingredients and farming practices behind their favorite foods because that shows food production companies that their consumers care about these details. For this reason, we pride ourselves on offering complete transparency in all aspects of our products.

For more information about White Leaf Provisions, go to




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