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Heroine Chicken


The Sunday Paper Dinner Club: We here at The Sunday Paper believe in the power of meaningful conversations around the table as a foundation in building a more caring, kinder and compassionate world.  We want to inspire you and encourage you to open your tables, open your hearts, and open your minds each and every week with the help of our Meaningful Conversation Starter and suggested recipe. Then report back to us and tell us about the experience. Cheers!

Meaningful Conversation Starter: What are the things that are currently working and not working in your life? If changes need to be made, what would they be?


I am awed and delighted that my Heroine Chicken,nocrumbsleft blog favorite is made by cooks all over the globe. It never fails to please! A friend named it Heroine Chicken because you become a hero to everyone who eats it! It is deliciously brown and juicy in less than an hour. The trick is to spatchcock the chicken, but if that is a step beyond, your butcher will do it for you! I save and freeze the bones from this dish, as well as from my Everyday Roast Chicken Breast and Grapefruit Chicken, because they become the perfect components for a spectacular Bone Broth at the end of the month.

Click here for Teri’s Heroine Chicken recipe.

This recipe was featured in the January 12th edition of The Sunday Paper. The Sunday Paper inspires hearts and minds to rise above the noise. To get The Sunday Paper delivered to your inbox each Sunday morning for free, click here to subscribe.


Teri Turner is the creator of the popular food and lifestyle blog No Crumbs Left. Her Whole30 takeovers and global meet-ups celebrating her foodie adventures and life experiences, as well as her weekly podcast, Table Talks, featuring Teri one-on-one with a guest, captivate her followers.