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Holy Planetary Conjunction!


Are you ready to shift gears in a profound way? Are you prepared for an entirely different energy than 2020? Get ready: on Dec 21st, the big players Saturn and Jupiter will be closer together than they have been in hundreds of years.

Because this big event is occurring as both planets move into Aquarius, some wonder whether we are at the cusp of another age of Aquarius. Alas, not so. We won’t re-encounter that great cycle until about 2500. If you want to get technical, consider that we are in the last 500 years of the Age of Pisces; but let’s not digress from all the fanfare about the imminent conjunction of these planetary giants.

Saturn is the planet representing discipline, manifestation, karma, and maturity. Jupiter is the planet representing growth, expansion, meaning, and blessings. Where Saturn reflects reality and sometimes leads to seriousness and pessimism, Jupiter reflects optimism and sometimes leads to debauchery and excess. These two unlikely partners, when together, set us up for disciplined optimism (at one extreme) or restricted growth (at the other).

At its higher vibration, Aquarius symbolizes the potential of visionary humanity; at a lower vibration, it can be about pointless eccentricity and egoistic rebellion. All told, these alignments invite us to bring the power of Jupiter and Saturn to propel humanity into structures and systems that serve and benefit all.

This conjunction will impact all our choices from December 21st, 2020 through all of 2021. Each sign of the zodiac can take its own evolved approach to this epic cosmic pairing. If you manage to work in all of these tips (those listed for every astrological sign), you will be actualizing the greatest good for yourself and all others.

Aries: Choose your causes wisely; for all of 2021, stay absolutely devoted to the causes to which you commit. You will see great results.

Taurus: Your reputation will entirely depend on your dependable, unwavering adherence to your core values of harmony and cooperation.

Gemini: Your year ahead is about learning and leading from wisdom gleaned through true, tested life experience. Go slower than usual and focus on just three things at a time and you will find true happiness.

Cancer: It’s your optimal year for cleansing, purging, and releasing all old doubts and fears and living into your super warm and loving power.

Leo: All success is defined ultimately by how much love we have given and received. Make this your year to create more love in your life and the lives of others than you could have possibly imagined.

Virgo: Time to ramp up your self-care routines and make a mastery out of great habits. Small, repeated, daily acts of self-love will lead to magnificent outcomes in your work life.

Libra: If ever you wanted to break out and express yourself creatively, this is your year.  Do all of the following as much as possible: dance, paint, draw, sing, make love. The more joy you bring to your life, the more capacity you will have to focus on helping others.

Scorpio: Your home and heart need your most rapt attention. This is the year to delve into how to make your heart at home wherever you live and wherever you go. This requires complete honesty with yourself about what you need to clear away in order to open up your heart like a gigantic and beautiful window.

Sagittarius: You are here to teach and share. This year, buckle down and write about what you have learned from your journey. Find outlets where you can speak about it and publish it. Remember that wisdom comes from experience lived, not platitudes said.

Capricorn: You can finally resolve all feelings of inadequacy. Dig through all false narratives of achievement equaling worth. Commit to knowing your core essences as complete and lovable.

Aquarius: Everything is working in favor of delivering your gifts with authority and generosity. Do the work and work the magic of this year to have true fulfillment on projects and relationships you have been cultivating.

Pisces: If you can dream it, then it is possible. This year is about putting sweat equity into your greatest fantasies of health and healing for yourself and others. There is no stopping the magic you can contribute if you are willing to give up all distractions and believe in your powers of transformation. Nothing will make you happier than following through on what you care about most.


This essay was featured in the December 20, 2020 edition of The Sunday Paper. The Sunday Paper publishes News and Views that Rise Above the Noise and Inspires Hearts and Minds. To get The Sunday Paper delivered to your inbox each Sunday morning for free, click here to subscribe.


Dr. Jennifer Freed is a psychological astrologer and the best-selling author of Use Your Planets Wisely. She is also the CCO of the non-profit AHA! Learn more at  jenniferfreed.com.

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