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How Can Women Entrepreneurs Support One Another? Think Kindness


The notion of ‘kindness’ is underused these days, especially when it comes to how women treat other women. Remember the mean girls from school; the ones that for whatever reason used their perceived advantages to make others feel small? Even then, our intuition and our mothers told us to just avoid them, but we still wanted to be a part of their inner circle for some inexplicable reason. A lot of the times, those mean girls grow up to be mean women and have just moved from our schools into our workplaces. And if we are really honest with ourselves, sometimes we can be mean, too.

In the past, society and even other women in business often urged us to keep our kind instincts locked away, to stand in our masculine power to be heard, to get ahead, and not be taken advantage of. We were encouraged to quiet the deep, wise internal voice that tells us to do the right thing. Both male and female colleagues remarked that our feminine feelings and reactions had no place in the work environment. In other words, we needed to be hard, cold and unkind to achieve real success. I know because this was said to me—repeatedly.

Things are different now.

We have to be true to our authentic selves. Women can stand in their feminine power and be heard. The kindness we use to be great mothers, sisters, friends, and partners has a place in our business life now. Using the powerful heart and mind combination to make the best decisions in our personal lives can and does translate into our work environments. It should not be stifled or stymied at our jobs. Deep down, you KNOW what is right, what you are capable of, and how you need kindness in both your personal and business lives.

Growing up, our intuition and natural unspoiled kindness drove us away from the mean girls and into the embrace of true friends and our families. But how do we do this now as adults?

Start big.

This is why I started Pink Talented Angels. We are an organization designed to bring female leaders and early/mid-stage female entrepreneurs together to help one another thrive by opening up our collective hearts, minds, and contacts. Each event features a presentation by an entrepreneur who has one strategic “Ask” for the group towards exponential growth. Our ultimate goal is not only to assist and show kindness to other women in business but to build a strong supportive community of women.

The seed of the idea that became Pink Talented Angels began one night while I was entertaining a group of friends at my home. As the dinner conversation progressed, it occurred to me that I have a wonderful network of strong, kind, connected and powerful women, and I work with and nascent entrepreneurs every day who need mentoring and support, so why not merge these groups. We’ve all walked the same path of growing and nurturing our businesses—looked for sales, suppliers, manufacturers, PR, and partnerships. And we’ve all encountered challenges and failures along the way. With Pink Talented Angels, there is the opportunity to help other business women just starting their entrepreneurial journeys and give them a boost to excel their startups and perhaps avoid some pitfalls. My personal feeling is that when you’ve been fortunate to achieve success, you have a responsibility to give back and help others. It is important to show the next generation of girls to be kind and lead by example.

5 pillars that are the foundation for Pink Talented Angels: 

Support One Another

Female entrepreneurs at all stages need support to help develop a clear understanding of what to expect as they launch, scale, grow or prepare their business for sale. 

Gain Insights & Advice

Through the Pink Talented Angels community, there is the opportunity to have open discussions about business challenges and gain practical insights and advice from others who have been in similar situations. 

Be Accountable

Being accountable builds trust and strengthens the culture within a group. It also demonstrates a willingness to make commitments and be responsible. 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Being part of a community gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their life experiences, offer unconditional and non-judgmental support, advice and feedback that can alleviate stressors which cause anxiety. 

Live Longer

Studies have shown that being part of a community that fosters strengthening the relationships within the group may, in fact, help us live longer.

When I look around the room at a Pink Talented Angels event, I get so filled with pride to have brought together such amazing women who have been so generous with their time and connections for people they have just met. Women really need to support other women in business and life.

Together, let’s set an example for future generations. I want to create a blueprint for my daughter to follow. Just 19, she has begun to participate in the Pink Talented Angels events. I am so proud to have her be a part of the organization, what we stand for, and to help demonstrate to the younger generation that if we are kind to one another, we can build a tribe of women that can collectively empower us to thrive.

If you or someone you know is an entrepreneur and interested in applying to present at one of our events, please fill out a submission form. Or to become a Pink Talented Angel, please fill out an application form.


Lizanne Falsetto is an entrepreneur, founder of thinkThin®, CEO of Pink Talented Angels and LF Advisory, a mentor, mother, wellness pioneer, and speaker. For more information about Lizanne, please visit: