How to Calm Your Mind & Body During a Pandemic


A global virus is not the only pandemic sweeping across the world. We are also experiencing a FEAR pandemic. The effects of fear, worry, anxiety, and stress can all be harmful to your health and the strength of your immune system, which is more important now than ever.

A relaxed and healthy body and mind is far better prepared to fight off illness and disease than a body and mind in a constant state of fear induced stress. Panic has never resolved or helped any situation. It only serves to create unnecessary stress, chaos, and confusion.

Here are 3 steps you can take to help stay calm and manage your health and your fear during this time of uncertainty.

Educate Yourself.

We all know that uncertainty and the fear of the unknown can create stress and worry. Help your mind relax by getting the facts. Stay educated or informed on the recommendations of the government and health officials in your area. Keep it simple.

Help your mind stay calm by avoiding thinking globally. Bring your thinking and your focus back down to you and your household. Staying focused on things that are manageable and under your control can reduce the feeling of helplessness and overwhelm that creates stress.

Avoid Obsessing.

Tidy your mind to stay focused on the positive things. Notice how much time during each day you are spending talking about or watching/reading content related to the Coronavirus.

Help your mind relax by focusing on a topic of enjoyment.

Support your immune system.

Now is the time to make good choices. When not facing a health threat, it’s all too easy to make poor health and food choices. Staying educated on the do’s and don’ts of social interaction and supporting your immune system is your best defense against this or any viral infection.

We can’t change or control what is happening with the Coronavirus around the world, but we can change and control our personal response and reactions.

Stay Calm. Stay Informed. Stay Smart. Stay Healthy.


Angie Johnsey is a Life/Mind Coach from Birmingham, AL. Her articles have been featured in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper as well as the Today Show’s One Small Thing. Angie travels and teaches her techniques for understanding the mind and dealing with emotional suffering at Health and Wellness Retreats around the world. Her most popular technique is the TIDY MIND and has been featured on the Today Show.

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