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How to Make Your Mind Work For You


How to Make Your Mind Work For You


Welcome to your Personal Health Reboot! Firstly, congratulations on choosing to be here. Making the time to learn and understand all about your body, mind, and spirit – and how to care for and support each part – is a wonderful first step to a healthier, happier, more balanced YOU!

For the month of January, we will explore all the essential components of a Healthy You. This week, we will focus on learning more about your mind and explore a few simple tips you can apply immediately to help you relax, reduce stress, and become more empowered in choosing how you think and feel.

What is the mind?

Your mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. It is composed of thoughts, perceptions, memories, beliefs, programs, habits and tendencies. You can divide the mind into two main parts, your conscious “thinking” mind and your subconscious “auto-pilot” mind. Your conscious mind is the “voice” in your head that has a thought, opinion, or judgment about everything it experiences. The subconscious mind is the “computer” that takes all the information from your senses and generates thoughts, actions, feelings and behaviors which create your reality, or your experience of life.

How does my mind work?

You may have noticed by now that your mind creates, thinks, and processes differently to the minds of those around you. This is because we are all unique. To understand how your mind works, it’s important to first find out more about your physical makeup. Your mind has a unique users manual. If you don’t have your user manual yet, you will be in the dark when it comes to caring for your mind and taking advantage of your personal mental strengths. Take your 3-minute test here to find out which HealthType you are and how your unique mind works.

What works for my mind.. and what doesn’t?

It is important to identify the ways in which you think that support you and keep you moving forward in a happy, balanced way. We also need to determine the tendencies and habits of your mind that may not be serving your best interests, and may actually be holding you back or keeping you stuck in unhealthy situations. Knowing how to change what doesn’t work for you is essential in order to increase your happiness levels and improve your overall health. The thoughts we allow our mind to focus on determine our emotional state, and can make us happy and healthy, or stressed and depressed.

3 simple ways to “change your mind”.

Knowing the tools to use and actually using them in the moment can be two very different things. Let’s look at a few simple tips for helping you make those gradual changes in thought and perception that will lead to having a more positive and supportive mind.

  1. Focus your mind on happy thoughts.

Write down on a piece of paper the thoughts you are thinking about a certain person, place or event. Now ask yourself, how does thinking that thought make me feel? If your answer here was it makes me feel bad or a negative emotion, it’s time to find a better thought to focus on.

  1. Keep your mind out of the boxing ring.

Notice when your mind is arguing with others or with the facts of a current situation. Take a 2 minute timeout to calm your mind with some deep breathing and assist it to accept what it can not change and make a plan to change the things it can.

  1. Create a practice of daily mind care.

Just as our bodies need food, water, exercise, fresh air, sleep, etc.. each day, your mind also needs your care and attention or it will become sick. Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to give your mind what it needs. You may find some helpful tips concerning what your mind needs in the report you received by taking the 3 minute HealthType test.

Where can I receive ongoing support?

Maria is offering you a FREE 30-day Mind Reboot program for your Health Reboot month! Click here to get started now, and invite your friends to do it with you. Our goal and intention with this Health Reboot is to give you every opportunity to succeed in understanding and caring for your mind.

What is possible for my mind?

The mind is an amazing creative force. When understood and cared for properly, it can motivate and inspire you to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. The mind can create the healthiest body and happiest life experience you can dare to imagine. A healthy mind has unlimited potential and capabilities to change your personal world as well as create a better world around you.

Congratulations once again for taking this first step to unleashing your ultimate human potential! Get started on befriending your mind here, see you next week to learn all about rebooting your unique Body!


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