It’s Wedding Season! Advice on the Big Day From a ‘Bridesman’

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“Like many things in life, the ‘typical wedding day’ is evolving especially if you would like to add a modern twist to it.”

For all the brides-to-be in the world, I must admit we have something in common – we both appreciate the joys of everything and anything wedding!! If you are currently planning your big day or your man just “put a ring on it,” then I think we both can strongly agree that weddings and the celebration of marriage is simply AWESOME!

I’m obsessed with all the excitement wedding days have to offer, especially when it involves a couple that is truly in love. You see, it is not all about the dress and throwing a totally off-the-hook party. To me, what makes a wedding super special and memorable is when your guests can see the energy of love between the couple getting married. Pure love is the most powerful feeling in the universe, and seeing two people that genuinely care for each other exchange vows and commit to one another is so encouraging.

If you put all the bling and fancy event planning to the side, weddings are really about honoring the relationship and love of people wanting to share their life together and celebrating their soul commitment.

Like many things in life, the “typical wedding day” is evolving especially if you would like to add a modern twist to it. I think we can all agree that guests these days often expect a unique element at least once throughout the day. How many of you have watched all those creative engagement story videos, dancing groomsmen, comedic speeches and well-rehearsed first dances on Youtube? Pretty talented and amazing clips, right?!

When my gal pal Michelle asked me to be a “bridesman” in her Malibu wedding, I was beyond honored and super thrilled to see her break the traditional wedding party mold. Being a bridesman sounded right up my alley, and I could not have been more grateful to stand by her side while she married her equally fantastic hubby, Chad.

Matt jacobi wedding bridesman ©Next Exit Photography www.nextexitphotographyHaving the duty and title of a bridesman is a big job, just like any bridesmaid would expect. You are involved every step of the way, and if you happen to have the skills and insight on throwing an elegant bash, than you should kindly add your oh-so-fabulous expertise when asked. Wedding planning is all about the fine details, and no body knows how to zero in on the specifics than your GBF (Gay. Best. Friend).

Let me first stop for a moment and say that a bridesman does not have to be your gay bestie, but should be a guy that means a lot to you and has been there for you through the long run like a brother, childhood friend, cousin, etc. I met Michelle many years back when we both rocked super short haircuts and bonded by driving with the top down, Thelma & Louise style to the beach with the music blaring. It was friendship fireworks at first sight and our relationship grew even closer after the 2 of us fell in love with men of our own. From dinner parties, day trips, to Disneyland adventures, we had created so many unforgettable memories together over the years.

Michelle and Chad’s big day was a complete blast but it took some work, and many steps before the spectacular event. Being a Pinterest Princess in her own right, Michelle had her vintage-vineyard theme down to a T! Months gearing up to the wedding involved a handful of dress shopping outings (which obviously were super successful since I made her play “Say, Yes to the Dress”), hair salon appointments (introducing her to extensions took strategy) and how can I forget her bridal shower. Another neat thing about being a bridesman is that you may get invited to both the bachelor party and the bridal shower! I, along with a house full of bridesmaids (and one handsome boyfriend), celebrated the bride-to-be surrounded by the gorgeous nature of Sonoma County. I highly recommend traveling to such a destination, especially if you appreciate a good glass of wine. What made all these moments so special is that everyone involved were believers of love. We were so happy that our friend found her soul mate.

The morning of Michelle and Chad’s wedding, I remember thinking to myself what a journey this past year has been for the both of them. All their hard work in putting their day together really paid off. The tables were set, flowers in place and dance floor ready to go. The biggest highlight of the entire day, though, was hearing my dear friends say, “I Do.” Nothing is more extraordinary than that exchange.

God Bless.
Matt Jacobi

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Jacobi is Writer and Creative Content Director where he leads a team in developing thought provoking social media campaigns. He has been a voice of truth on various world topics such as women’s rights, religion, bullying and equality. His current mission is to get more men to stand with women so that they can work together to make equality more of a reality. Jacobi was inspired to be an advocate for women’s rights since the birth of his two nieces.Recently, Jacobi worked side by side with international entrepreneurs traveling the globe and assisting in bringing their various brands to life. This experience allowed him to work along New York City’s top publishing company, Simon & Schuster and PR powerhouse, Rubenstein Public Relations.Jacobi started his career in media after graduating from Arizona State University where he landed his first job at ABC News in Phoenix, Arizona. He later made the move to Hollywood where he worked at the celebrity news show, E! News. Shortly after, The Style Network went on to feature him in a television wedding special capturing his lifestyle expertise. Jacobi continued his on-camera career as a television personality where he starred in reality show hits such as E!’s Giuliana & Bill and The Drama Queen.




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