Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper: Feeling Blessed

“To be awake is to be alive.” — Henry David Thoreau

There are some days when thinking gives way to feeling. This is one of those days for me.

Today, I am getting out of my head and into my heart. Why? Because my heart feels full. I feel grateful. I feel hopeful. I feel blessed.

This morning, I wanted to share with you a poem I recently wrote called “Blessed.” It’s called that because it’s how I’ve been feeling.

Now, I haven’t always felt this way. Even when people told me I was blessed, I didn’t always feel it, even though I knew intellectually that I was lucky and fortunate in my life. I’ve had to feel my way into feeling blessed. It’s taken time. It’s taken practice. I had to get there on my own.

So, if you woke up this morning feeling down — or feeling anything but blessed — trust me, I get it. I know it can be hard to feel blessed if you’re working paycheck to paycheck, if you’re fighting to put food on the table, if you’re getting over a break-up, if you’re battling a sickness, etc. Life can throw a lot of things our way that make us feel anything but blessed. I know some people in the Midwest may not be feeling blessed after the tornadoes and floods, but I hope they have had moments where a total stranger’s generosity has made them feel blessed in recent days.

I’ve learned along the way that feelings come and go. One thing that’s always helped me when I’ve woken up feeling down about life is to put my hand over my heart, take several deep breaths, and honor the feeling. Then, I ask it to leave.

So today, my wish for you is that you can take a step away from thinking and step into feeling. Ease your way into it. Feel your way into feeling blessed. I share my poem in hopes that it will help you get there.


Every day I tell myself I’m blessed
Blessed by God
Blessed by grace
Blessed by love

My life hasn’t unfolded exactly as I imagined
I’ll bet you feel the same
My life has more jagged edges and more unpleasantries than I care to admit
I’ll bet the same goes for you

Yet, I know when I sit looking at my tree
I am blessed
Not everyone my age gets to my age
Not everyone knows the love I’ve known or the heartbreak I’ve felt
But still, I know I’m blessed
Maybe not in ways I imagined
But in ways that I can feel
I’m blessed by the sun on my face
I’m blessed by the presence of my children at my table
I’m blessed by a few good friends who tell me that I’m a blessing in their lives

I didn’t always believe I was a blessing
Far from it
I wore a cloak of being too much
Too exhausting, too talkative, too relentless, too everything
I wore the cloak of shame that comes from feeling ashamed
But today
On this fine summer day
I know I’m blessed
I know it because I’ve decided it to be true
I’ve decided, and perhaps you will too, to be a blessing
I smile at the thought
I smile at the truth
As should you

Like you, I’m blessed by God
Blessed by grace
Blessed by love
Blessed by you.


Dear God, thank you for the blessings in my life. Thank you for my family, my friends, and the wonder and beauty of nature and all that surrounds me. Amen.

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