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“In looking for a namesake and symbol for these awards, I chose Minerva, the Roman goddess of ‘a thousand works,’ not only because she graces the California state seal, but also because she embodies what I believe to be truly heroic and feminine qualities.”

Maria Shriver

Founder, Minerva Awards

Named after the Roman Goddess Minerva, who graces the California State Seal, The Minerva Awards were created by Maria Shriver in 2004 to recognize remarkable women “who serve on the front-lines of humanity,” celebrating their unique contributions that better the lives of others in communities across this country and around the world. The Women’s Conference was capped off each year by the annual presentation of the Minerva Awards.

Thirty-three women received the Minerva Award between the years 2004 and 2010. Each had found herself in extraordinary circumstances and risen to the challenge to become a visionary and Architect of Change.

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