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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List


I want “to be” a comedian providing belly laughs as a healing salve for the broken ones

I want “to be” trusting of a higher power that leads the way to a life of purpose and promise

I want “to be” grateful. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. For this beautiful life.

I want “to be” a strong advocate for mental health and wellness – building a community of people who know they are supported and loved through their struggles.

I want “to be” a patron of creativity, art and music. Highlighting and uplifting the gifts of those whose artistic voices deserve to be heard.


Beth Behrs is an actress and comedian. Beth starred in the hit series 2 Broke Girls and can currently be seen in the CBS comedy The Neighborhood. She also hosts her own podcast called Harmonics that explores themes of creativity, healing, and wellness. To learn more visit harmonicspodcast.com.

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