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‘There Will Be No Healing Without Justice’

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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List

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My Sunday ‘To Be’ List


I want “to be” a positive role model for my children and a mother they feel comfortable coming to with any challenge.

I want “to be” a leader in clean beauty and pave the way for powerful organic skincare.

I want “to be” an entrepreneur that inspires the next generation to pursue their passions.

I want “to be” a voice for underrepresented communities and use my platform to create a more just and fair world.

I want “to be” more creative in everything I do.

I want “to be” a support for my husband as he continues to grow and evolve every day.


Miranda Kerr is a model, author, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Australia, Miranda has gained global recognition as a fashion and beauty model. An accomplished businesswoman, she is the founder and CEO of the global certified-organic skincare brand KORA Organics and the author of Treasure Yourself: Powerful Thoughts for My Generation. Miranda lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three sons. To learn more visit mirandakerr.com.

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