Old Shoes


My Dear Friend,

As these words flow on the page, I hope that they will resonate with you, for I believe in the deepest part of your core, where your truth resides, you want to heal, to feel liberated from the burden of pain.

Sometimes pain becomes a familiarity within the soul, like an old pair of shoes. It’s not that we will necessarily wear these old shoes, but that they have been sitting in our closet for a very long time, and we can’t throw them out. This old pair of shoes, as our pain, has been our constant companion, and we may fear what will happen if the pain disappears, what if the shoes disappear, will we be, ok? Do the shoes protect us? Or is it a false shield that we have thought would protect us, from our barren self? The self that can step into new adventures, and colors of life? That can step into liberation, happiness?

Although I do not know you, yet I do. For as you, I have known pain, and I know our stories and how they impact us. I know conflict, depth, and surrendering. So, it’s not necessary for me to know your history, your story. I see that your shoes, the old pair, are no longer serving you, they are worn out, torn.

I know you are ready, to throw the old pair of shoes away, to give them to the winds to carry away, as your pain. You will feel lighter, ready to walk barefoot on the Earth, and feel revived, ready to embrace the new.

For you see, healing is not necessarily about seeking various modalities as much as it is first a decision the soul needs to make.

Healing is a decision.

Gift yourself this.

And trust your feet will find their way to new shoes.

Your Friend,
Mitra Rahbar


Born from a lineage of poets and Sufi thought, Rahbar awakened to her life’s mission from the tender age of 11 in Iran. For the past three decades Rahbar has been an intuit/healer, teacher, and singer/songwriter. She is the author of Miraculous Silence by Penguin Random House and a solo vocalist on many albums. Learn more at www.voiceofmitra.com.

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