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How Knowing Your Body Type Can Put You on the Road to Better Health

Before penicillin, there were no antibiotics.  Before the internet, there was no email.  Before the printing press, there was no form of mass-communication at distance.  And before personalized health, there was no way to accurately prescribe food, exercise or lifestyle choices for an individual based on his/her unique body and needs.

Welcome back to your Health Reboot. This week, we’ll be focusing on your body, because your body is truly unique, which means the way you eat, move, live, love and thrive will also be unique to you.  

(Click here for the first edition of our Health Reboot, Part 1 of Four: The Mind)

Get to know YOUR body

Categorically speaking, you’ll learn there are six different body types or health types. They are:

1) Activator: Naturally lean, athletic, and excitable, this health type benefits from a diet rich in healthy animal-based proteins and veggies, high-intensity exercise first thing in the morning, and yoga/mobility exercise in the mid-afternoon. Often thought of as the ‘creative genius’, Activators thrive when their ideas are well-received and their bodies are priority #1. Notably, Activators are at their healthiest when in a warm to slightly hot environment.

2) Connector: Perhaps the most social of the human race, connectors are often misunderstood in the workplace, home, and in the educational system. Connectors function based upon a feel-good meter that guides them towards positive decision-making and great health. However, when connectors attempt to fit into a system designed by other health types, they often become distracted or discouraged. Connectors are naturally athletic and also benefit from healthy animal-based proteins and veggies, as well as high-intensity exercise first thing in the morning and yoga mid-afternoon. Unique to connectors, however, is the desire to pursue health simply because of the relationships and conversations associated. So, connectors thrive with a workout buddy, a diet partner, or a social circle that shares an interest in health. Connectors also benefit from warmer climates, so location and climate will need to be considered for optimal health.

3) Guardian: Often classified as the “Italian mama,” this health type is naturally driven, caring, and nurturing. Mealtime is perhaps the most important time of day, and the shared experience of having–and providing–a meal for family and friends is one of the most important things a Guardian can do for his/her health. It’s incredible to watch what happens to a Guardian’s body when s/he makes nurturing the #1 priority, avoids sugar at all costs, and regularly tests exercise strength and endurance levels by pushing harder and longer in workouts. Guardians thrive in many climates, although their bodies are biologically designed to handle cooler weather and harsher climates.

4) Diplomat: Often regarded as the ‘lone survivor,’ Diplomats are the most resilient of the health types. It is theorized they are the group that would survive the next plague or mass outbreak of a virus/disease. Diplomats go at their own pace, need to sleep in later than other health types, and show incredible fortitude when it comes to diligence. Since Diplomats are often very tall, they have longer digestive tracts and should avoid meat, unless a smaller portion at lunchtime. Exercise for a Diplomat is focused on heavy weight lifting due to their naturally bigger structure and ability to build muscle. Diplomats thrive in a variety of climates, depending upon the individual, although they are biologically designed to be able to handle cooler weather patterns than most other health types.

5) Sensor: Sometimes misunderstood for being aloof, sensors live in a world of their own; a world where sight goes beyond the visible spectrum, where knowing and intuition repeatedly show incredible accuracy, and the body’s metabolism is consistently at a natural high. In fact, Sensors only have to exercise for a portion of time that other health types do, and the type of exercise that benefits them the most is coordinative, engaging both their minds and bodies at the same time. From a lifestyle standpoint, Sensors benefit from extremely well-cooked meat and veggies, a very warm/hot climate, and a clear sense of purpose.

6) Crusader: Typically recognized as the workhorse, Crusaders are known for the ability to survive on very little food or exercise when focused upon their mission. In order to create optimal health for Crusaders, they must be mission-focused, realize the greatest risk to health is forgetting to care for their bodies due to overload, and monitor toxicity of their nervous systems. A healthy diet for a Crusader consists of a lot of veggies, a variety of animal-based proteins in small portions with meals, and a lot of fruit and veggie juices/smoothies. Crusaders benefit from endurance-based exercise, along with adding variety, like sport, high-intensity based exercise, and nature walks/hikes/swims. While Crusaders are highly adaptable, they prefer a warm to slightly hot climate.

As you can see, each health type is very unique and requires significantly different recommendations on diet, exercise, social life, career/hobbies, lifestyle, climate, and ways to create a healthy mind. If you don’t already know which health type you are, take the free HealthType test now.


Three Simple Ways to Get YOUR Body Healthy

Below, you’ll find three simple steps to improve your health, based upon your unique body type:

1. Find out your Health Type: Take the free HealthType test here. Learning about your unique body means you can do the things that are right for YOU in all areas of your life.

2. Eat, move and meditate (for your Health Type) for 10 days: Grab your FREE 10 day health starter pack to get started. This will guide you through a full meal plan, movement program, and daily meditations to get you healthy over the next 10 days. 

3. Increase your success with a support team: Get your friends to join you, and take advantage of a FREE coaching session by emailing support once you’re signed up, so we can guide you on your journey to optimal health.   

Where can I receive ongoing support?: We’re offering you a FREE 10-day Health Starter program for your Health Reboot month! Click here to get started now, and invite your friends to do it with you. Our goal and intention with this Health Reboot is to give you every opportunity to succeed in understanding and caring for your mind.


What Is Possible for MY Body?

Most people compare themselves to an unhealthy population when thinking about their health, based upon norms and averages for an unhealthy society.  Instead, compare your health to you, and your potential for great health.

When you give your body what it is biologically designed to need, you may notice changes very quickly. Common findings are improvements in sleep, stress, energy, digestion, pain and weight loss. Some people even report an increase in their sense of humor. Funny, right? Either way, we suspect you’ll be blown away by how rapidly your body can change over the next 10 days.

Click here to Get Your FREE Health Starter Pack

Congratulations, once again, on taking this step to reboot your health. Please remember your body is unique to you, and every moment of your day there is an opportunity to make healthy choices for your body and mind. See you next week, to learn all about our ‘spiritual health’, and how a healthy body and mind lead to a more complete life experience.

And if you are looking for support, connection, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration from a loving community of like-minded people all doing this together, then join the free Health Reboot FB group here!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Kareem has rehabilitated and trained Olympic and professional athletes, baby boomers with joint pain who want to lose weight, older adults with balance issues, people in comas, others who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, rare disease, heart issues, lung disease, pregnant women, children, and even babies. For more information on Dr. Kareem and his work, go to




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