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Why We Are Living Amidst a ‘Blessed Crisis’

We are going through a moment in which our system as a whole is collapsing. Every area of society is in crisis: the political system, the economy, education, the environment. Even though everything seems to be falling apart, I consider this to be a positive moment – a blessed crisis. We are being called to take responsibility for our mistakes and participate in the change that we want to see in the world. 

This is a time that asks us to reach alignment between words, thoughts, and deeds. This means that we need to become aware of the contradictions within us so that we can transform the contradictions outside of us. A change needs to take place from the inside out. Until we transform the destructive patterns that have ruled our minds for centuries, we will not be capable of creating a culture of peace and prosperity. 

We have been led by unconscious impulses that have brought us to destroy nature and our intimate relationships without even understanding why. One part of us wants peace, the other creates war. On one side we want to live in harmony with nature, on the other side we abuse natural resources to the point that life becomes unsustainable. 

The result of our actions is revealed to us in the lack of water, the extinction of animal species, the pollution of rivers, and other calamities. Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis are signs from nature that can become large-scale disasters precisely because of our incapacity to deal with these unconscious destructive impulses. This is happening because of the way that we organize ourselves socially. I know that it is difficult to understand, but the fact is that everything is interdependent. There is one single spirit that moves us. Human beings are moved by the same forces that move the other kingdoms of nature. 

I see natural phenomena as messengers of the Great Spirit: they come to tell us that something needs to change. The same thing takes place on the personal level. When we are disconnected from our primordial essence, we become ill. This brings about challenges in our lives which seem like our own personal hurricanes. Losses, failures, accidents, and especially illnesses. These types of challenges beg a review of the way we have chosen to live up until now. Our choices and decisions have been based in fear. We have put all our energy toward the conquest of power, whether it be in the form of money, or fame. This way of living has created so much suffering for humanity. 

We have grown distant from the path of the heart, the path that our soul in evolution chose for us. We have forgotten existence’s greatest purpose. The symptoms of this forgetfulness are anguish, sadness, anxiety, the feeling of being out of place, and a lack of meaning in life. We try to numb this discomfort and fill this void with whatever we can, usually food, sex and consumption. The further that we get from our nature, the stronger our symptoms, and the more efficient the numbing devices need to be. This is where anxiety medication, anti-depressants, and a series of stronger drugs come in. 

All of this has arisen because we have strayed from our dharma, the higher purpose of our lives. We need to come back to ourselves, to our essence. This is only possible when you get to know yourself. In this moment it is of great use to ask ourselves: what do I wish were different in my life? Where would I like to be? What is preventing me from being where I would like to be? What forces are holding me back? What does this discomfort want to tell me?

As we get to know ourselves and transform as individuals we also initiate a collective transformation. We are opening space for a new economy based in love, rather than the fear of scarcity. A new political system based in authentic altruism, and not egoism. A new educational system, and a new way of relating with the environment. 

I feel that this is the message nature is trying to send us. That we need to harmonize with nature and with life’s higher purpose. This can only happen when we harmonize with the past. This means to free ourselves from pacts of vengeance. This transformation is only possible when we take responsibility, when we have the courage to admit to our mistakes and to forgive those who have hurt us. 

I know that this is not easy. It’s not easy to let go of our defense mechanisms, but it is the only way. The only way is for us to really become friends with those around us, to want to see others shine. Some people are easy to love, but the invitation I am making is to even love those who have betrayed you. To love those who don’t love you. 

This humility needs to come into our personal lives as well as in our social structure. Love needs to awaken in all individuals and in all nations. Everything can be summed up in love. This is the essence. 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prem Baba is a spiritual master. He was born fifty years ago in São Paulo, Brazil to a middle/ lower class family and baptized in the Catholic church as Janderson Fernandes. At age thirty-six he was recognized by his guru in India, Maharaj Ji, as a master of the Saccha lineage. Prem Baba now has thousands of disciples from countries all over the world. To learn more, visit his website.