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At The Sunday Paper, we want to inspire you to gather at your table—virtually or with friends and family—and open your heart and mind to conversations that will move the needle. After all, the dinner table is where we connect on topics and map out the changes we can all make that’ll really move the needle.

This week, to encourage your conversations, we recommend checking out the following:

To Eat:

Claire Saffitz’s Chocolate Challah Babka Bread, a smashing together of chocolate babka and challah bread, is indulgent, delicious, and celebratory all on its own. 

To Watch:

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom. This haunting Netflix documentary tells the story of the months-long revolution of the Ukrainian people against a decision by President Viktor Yanukovych to join up with Russia. 

To Read:

I Never Thought of It That Way, journalist Mónica Guzmán’s deeply timely and personal guide for confronting and mending our broken conversations between one another.

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