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The Life-Changing Experience of “Tossing the Toxins”


What if I told you there is something you can do today that’s easy, doesn’t cost money, and can radically improve the health of you and your family? You might say it’s too good to be true. But what if I told you it could be as simple as removing harmful toxic chemicals from your home?

Over the last several decades, Scientists have directly linked the exponential rise of degenerative disease in both children and adults in America to our exposure to harmful chemicals. They’re in our food and air, in our homes and the products we use in, on and around our bodies.

For more than 30 years, I’ve personally witnessed life-changing physical recoveries through the simple removal of products in the home that undermine our health. And it’s why my co-founders and I started our own company, Branch Basics. We believe that that basic changes can make a major impact on your health.

And unlike many other New Year’s resolutions, tossing the toxins from your home can be completed in an afternoon – no complicated research or science required.

Here’s where to start:

1. Take Inventory

Collect the products throughout your home that have chemicals that are harmful to human health. Keywords to look for in ingredient labels include “danger”, “warning”, “caution” or “fragrance” (to further determine what is and isn’t safe, see our guide here). Look under sinks, in drawers, in bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and attached garage.

From my personal and professional experience, I’ve found that pesticides and cleaning products, including laundry, are the most toxic categories of products found in the home – and removing them as the first step in creating a health home can dramatically improve a home’s air quality, immediately.

2. Get Rid of Them (Yes, We Mean It!)

Take this step seriously, as airborne chemicals can escape even through sealed lids. Think of the last time you walked down the grocery store aisle where the cleaning products and pesticides are located – can you smell it? Those bottles are not only closed, but they are also sealed – and yet most people can smell them as they walk down that aisle in the store. The products in a home, under sinks, and inside cabinets do the same.

To find a safe disposal site for toxic products near you, type your zipcode into the database at Earth911.

3. Replace with verified non-toxic products

Creating a healthy home shouldn’t be complicated. These days, there’s a non-toxic (and sometimes even a homemade) alternative to just about anything. Branch Basics’ human-safe cleaning products are what we like to call our “trojan horse” for getting people started on making the switch to non-toxic products.

Remember, “better air means better health” – it’s a simple way of explaining the way everyday products with toxic chemicals negatively impact the air we breathe, and we don’t realize how harmful they are until they’re removed.

My co-founders and I have been empowered by our own experiences and are on a mission to inspire and educate people to do the same. We invite you to bring in the New Year and decade with the life-changing magic of a truly clean home. Happy tossing!


For over 30 years, Branch Basics co-founder Marilee Nelson has been advocating clean, natural living. As an established Dietary and Environmental Consultant and Materials Specialist, Nelson is a go-to source for clients across the country who are chemically sensitive, chronically ill, and often given little hope for a normal life. Learn more about her personal story here.

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