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How to Discover Your Own Unique Spiritual Path


How to Discover Your Own Unique Spiritual Path


Welcome back and congratulations on reaching stage 3 of your Health Reboot! This week we will be looking at your spirit, what it means to reconnect with this part of yourself, and how to be guided by your intuition and spirit. When we talk about health, talking about the mind and the body is common place, but how familiar are we with the concept of your spirit being part of your health? And what would a healthy spirit look like? Well let’s dive in and find out.


There is more to life than just your body and mind

It’s hard to walk around the world and not notice that you are living in a body. It’s hard to experience your thoughts and actions and not realise that you have a mind. But how many people are walking around noticing their spirit? Are you?

Although your body and mind are significant parts of who you are, you exist beyond this. And this part of your existence is an even more significant part of who you are: your spirit. Your spirit is the non-tangible part that makes up who you are, is infinite in nature, and is here to guide, support, and help navigate your life.

This relationship, when established, can be the source of an incredibly nourishing and satisfying experience of life, not to mention the source of much magic and delight!

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Every major religion agrees on this one thing

In all major religions on the planet, there is an acceptance of spirit. Something greater than just simply human existence. Whether it is Jesus, Vishnu or Allah, all religions point to the presence of spirit as a source of guidance, support, inspiration and love. Despite differences in their belief systems, all religions do share the common principle of spirit’s presence in our lives.


Realizing our spiritual path is also unique

In week one and week two you discovered your body and mind are unique, and there is no one on the planet like you. Well the good news is there is no one else with a spirit or spiritual path like yours either… it is also 100 percent unique.

Your uniqueness, your gifts, your strengths and your genius, have all been designed by your spirit to serve your unique purpose on the planet. The more we connect and develop a healthy relationship with our spirit, the more easily we discover, and align with our purpose.

Because you are unique, your spirit will communicate with you in different ways to others. Some people are able to connect with their spirit based on their feelings and utilise their body and movement to actively connect and listen, as well as receive messages and guidance. For others, their mind is in fact their access point and their point of reception for spirit. And it is through their thoughts and mental processes that they more easily tune in to the guidance and wisdom that awaits them.

For one person to sit and meditate may easily bring the answers and clarity they are seeking, for another, losing themselves in dance will be far more powerful. The key is to understand your uniqueness and how best you can connect and align your body and mind with your spirit. You can start here.


3 simple tips for “reconnecting with your spirit”

So how do you reconnect with your spirit? Or perhaps connect consciously for the first time? It is important to recognise that even if you have not yet had a conscious connection with your spirit or have not yet been aware of it, your spirit has always been there. Your decision to make the reconnection is the first and vital step for developing this relationship. And just like all relationships, the more energy and love you commit to it, the deeper the bond will become. So congratulations again on being willing to start or deepen this relationship. Let’s have a look at three simple tips for reconnecting with your spirit.

1. Open your heart.

Sit with your focus on your heart space. Soften your mind, relax your body and hold a thought of something or someone that you love. This will begin to open your heart. When we have an open heart, we are more connected with all that is.

2. Learn to listen

For some people this will be the process of prayer and contemplation, for others this will be the process of meditation, and for others, it may be walking in a forest or dancing. As you set time to consciously listen and open the channel of communication between yourself and spirit, clear the mind of your daily or repetitive thoughts, and be in a receptive state. Listening can involve listening for feelings, colors, shapes, voices, or simply a knowingness, an answer, or an insight. It is much more than just listening for words, so be open to receiving your answers in unexpected ways.

3. Watch for the signs

Ask and make a request that spirit make itself known in your life. The signs will start to appear in your world, whether that be through repetitive number sequences, a feather laying on the ground, a significant song playing at a timely moment, a coincidence or synchronicity. Be open to the little moments of magic and watch to see how your spirit shows up and plays along with your request.


How our body and mind can support our spiritual journey

Understanding your uniqueness and knowing who you are will support you along your spiritual journey. Knowing your body’s innate gifts, talents, genius and strengths will help you identify which access point your spirit is likely to use. Living in line with your biology and its needs ensures that the path of communication is open and maintained, and the more aligned you are living with your body, the more your spirit can occupy your being. When your spirit is occupying your being, and your heart is open, the guidance is clear. Your decision making and your knowing of what is on your path becomes clearer and simplified, and incredible synchronicities, magic and delight can fill your days.

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Clearing your mind to be able to receive guidance is another pivotal step in supporting your spiritual path. The mind acts like a filter to receive messages from spirit, and just like a tap, if the filter is dirty or blocked, the amount of flow would be restricted. We can clear the ‘filter’ of our mind by working on our subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs and judgements to allow as much flow of spirit as possible. Take your free Mind Reboot here.

In essence, the healthier and clearer our body and mind are, the healthier and clearer our relationship with spirit becomes.


What is possible when we allow ourselves to be guided by intuition and spirit?

When we step out of the way and allow spirit to guide our life, it truly becomes more magical than you could ever imagine. There is a deep sense of relief in knowing that you are taken care of, that you are supported, and that you are guided. You life path and purpose become more clear, and rather than feeling weighed down or burdened by life, it can be replaced with freedom, joy and relief. Life becomes a beautiful fun game to enjoy, rather than a journey to be endured.

Congratulations once again on taking this step to reconnect with your spirit. I know your spirit is celebrating you and this opportunity to provide you with the support and guidance you have been seeking. Enjoy befriending your spirit via the free 10-part guided visualisation series and we look forward to seeing you next week for the final stage of our Personal Health Reboot.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Erin Kyna is a leading expert in spiritual healing and mind-body-spirit connection. She works with high profile influencers, professional athletes and her work is featured across many mediums including podcasts and airline meditation programs internationally. For more information on Erin and her work, go to   


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