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How to Integrate Mind-Body-Spirit to Create the Life You Want to Live

Welcome back and congratulations on your Health Reboot! This week is all about the New You and will integrate the previous weeks of mind, body and spirit. If you haven’t yet visited these articles, please click here first.

The New You

Did you know that you have the capacity to create your own life experience: Your health, your happiness, your community, your connection? This is all your choice.

Did you realize that if you aren’t happy in any of these areas you can just simply choose to change it? Most people have yet to realize that awareness allows choice, and choice allows hope, freedom and transformation. We hope this Reboot has allowed you to become more aware of your body, mind and spirit and has empowered you with simple tips, tools and action steps to create the life you want to live.


Creating your reality right now

When our body is healthy, our mind is clear, our spirit is connected, we are well on the way to creating the reality that aligns with our purpose for being on this planet. In the grand scheme of things, that’s really all that matters. So why do we choose not to live in this way?

Just imagine for a minute you choose to live a connected life, each and every day. You see your body healthy, you feel your mind clear, and you believe in a higher power that is guiding you and looking out for you. You are more connected to your friends, family and wider community, and you feel in flow and excited to contribute your genius to the world. Sound like a pretty amazing life? Well, guess what, you can have it. All you need to do is choose it, and go ahead and create it. Are you ready?


3 simple tips for integrating Mind-Body-Spirit

It can be easier than it sounds to be healthy in all planes of our existence. Below are some ways you can realign with who you truly are right now:

1. Start small

Choose the quick wins. Move your body each day within your limits and make it fun. Feed it the fuel it needs to thrive. Hang out with happy people. Learn something new each day. Live in a place that makes you smile. Laugh out loud. Get some sleep. Be kind to others. And remember, all of us have a unique way to eat, think, play, move, live, love, and thrive.

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2. Keep it simple

Take small steps each day to keep your mind focused on the solutions rather than the problems. Each morning, try asking yourself; “What am I grateful for? Why am I so happy? Who do I love?”

You may just find starting the day from the larger perspective and a happier focus helps you have more clarity and certainty about who you are and why you are here. Suddenly any problems you were experiencing may not seem to be as big or as important anymore. Join a free monthly mind group to stay focused here.

3. Listen to your heart

Learn to follow your heart by connecting daily with that which is greater than you. You can do this via meditation, mantras, prayer or visualizations. You may prefer to do this alone, in groups or gatherings of like-minded people, or even on an intentional retreat. Make the time to reconnect with your meaning, purpose, mission and vision in this life, and connect, collaborate and contribute towards the health and happiness of yourself and those who share this journey and this earth with you.

And remember, integrating your physical, mental and spiritual path is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences you may ever encounter. It is unique to everyone in their own way. To truly connect with who you are and treat your body, mind and spirit with what they desire, click below to activate your free account.

*Click here to get your free personalized health account now*

So congratulations once again on making health and happiness a priority in your life! We hope you enjoyed your 30-day Health Reboot, and encourage you to share with us any of your success stories or transformations to help inspire others. After all, that is why we are here.


Health Reboot Quicklinks

It’s amazing how many incredible tools and programs have been made available to you over Health Reboot month, all for free. By popular request, here are all the links again that you received:

If you would like to continue the conversation, we invite you to join us here.

So wherever you are, whatever your journey, however your life circumstances currently are, just know that you have the choice to change everything and the power to create anything. Thank you for allowing us to help guide you on your health journey, so you can guide others on theirs. Because together, we can change the world.

About the author: Matt Riemann is a speaker, author, educator and leading expert in Personalized Health and the prevention of chronic pain. His vision is to see a world free of chronic pain and disease.